Commercial Self Prevention

What can you do as an employer to minimize exposure?

With owning our own company we understand that closing your doors and not interacting with the public isn’t always feasible. So lets talk about what you can do as a company to help minimize the possibility of spread in your workplace.

If at all possible for your company, incorporate work from home. If this isn’t doable, try to stagger work shifts so less people are in contact with each other at a time. Read further if neither of these options are applicable as well as how to enforce social distancing and cleaning in your workplace.

So, your company can’t work from home or incorporate staggered shifts. What do you do? Enforce social distancing, first, whenever possible. Have as few people in one area as possible and as far apart as you can. Doing this in itself can help diminish the chances of COVID-19 spreading in your workplace if someone does test positive. Don’t forget to enforce the wearing of masks. COVID-19 is most commonly spread through droplets from a person sneezing, coughing, singing and just breathing. A mask can help limit these particles entering the surrounding area of an infected person.

Social distancing is a good first step. But there are other steps that need to be incorporated to ensure you and your company are doing everything you can to lower the chances of COVID-19 spreading throughout the workplace. Such as discouraging sharing tools in the workplace. Things as simple as a pencil/pen, stapler, notepad etc. can be a way to transfer the virus.

Now what about the cleaning aspect? Regular sanitizing in the workplace, throughout the day, is a necessity to help lower the chances of spreading the virus. Cleaning and disinfecting commonly touched areas are the first step. Areas such as, doors & door knobs, tables/desks, phones, and bathroom areas.

Remember, even with strictly following all of these guidelines you are not guaranteed to completely stop the spread of COVID-19 in your workforce. No measures are 100%, but in following these suggestions by the CDC you lower the chances.