Germs are Everywhere

Germs are everywhere. There’s really no way to avoid them 100%. But you can lower the chance of contracting and spreading them significantly by washing and sanitizing your hands regularly as well as disinfecting your workspace regularly too. 

Most people don’t think about germs and viruses. Why is that? Simply put, you can’t see them. Unless you’re confronted with bodily fluids or someone directly sneezing/coughing at you, you tend to not think about it. But, regardless, they’re still there. On surfaces that look clean and sometimes even in the air. 

Often time’s washing your hands with regular hand soap isn’t enough to kill the germs/viruses. Using a disinfectant is better. To help stop the spread if you are sick yourself avoid getting too close to people, keep a distance as much as possible. When using Kleenex immediately disinfect your hands afterward, even if you didn’t touch the part you blew into it’s still possible you got germs on your hands. And lastly, follow the rule you learned as a child. Don’t cough or sneeze into your hands, instead do so into the crook of your elbow.  

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